Hoses are strewn across the street as you hear it over those Diesel engines through that bullhorn.. 

It's the ADD City Fire Dept.

"Put down the fire extinguisher!"


Sometimes you wish you had never said anything.

That self-esteem issue. 
All you're trying to do is to meet someone new or impress someone you like.
Or fix some problem.
All you wanted to do was to make them feel good. 
A compliment, a laugh, or something.. 
Sometimes you don't even know why you said what you did.
That "is this a good idea" part of the brain always short-circuits on you for some reason.
Instantaneously, you've found yourself in 'panic' mode. 
Reaching for those ADD Fire Extinguishers..
Only to find they're loaded with gasoline.
You burn down the building trying to extinguish a cigarette.

Sometimes you wish you never got out of bed that morning.

Because you already know the 
ACFD  has you on their firebug list.
And this time they're gonna turn their hoses on *you* when they show up..


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