"Prom Queen"  


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"Uncle Geoffrey"
"Prom Queen" (my niece)
Cc: "her mother"; "her older sister"

Know anyone else with your name and phone number?

I happened to be using the bathroom
at Blackburn High School the other day.
I looked up on the door and someone had scribbled:
"If you need a date for the Prom, call.."
It had your name and phone number.
Must be someone else with your name and phone number
going to a lot of Proms around here..

"Uncle Geoffrey"
(he never went to *his* High School Prom, BTW..,
what do they do there?..
pass out this other girl's name and phone# to each other or something?..)


From: "my niece"

there is no Blackburn High School in san jose.... sooo
and at prom you dance! its fun!


From: "Uncle Geoffrey"
"Bimbo Brain"
"clown", eh?

Listen punk, I don't like these Prom Bimbo's "one-up me-ing" here.
How did you make that clown?

there is no Blackford High School in san jose....
yes there is:

didnít know that, did you? .. Miss "Prom Queen" aka "The Nanny", "Bimbo Brain" ..
it's all Nanny Prom-Jelly by now anyway..

yeah, you're lucky he's still your Uncle!



From: "my niece"

LOL .... you said B L A C K B U R N!    LMBO!!!!!!


From: "Uncle Geoffrey"

LOL....you said B L A C K B U R N!
No I didn't.  You just said I said I did.
I told you it's already Nanny-Jelly.

Is that how you keep in shape?

(BTW, if you haven't figured out what 'LOL' means yet, you risk having  one of those little computer punks "Laughing Out Loud" at you. My niece is already "Laughing [her] Butt Off" at me.)


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