"The SLS Club" 


aside: first I have to explain how to say the word 'jealous' and what it means.
My niece sent me an email talking about her teachers in high school saying:
"..'cause they're jealous!" .. I misunderstood. She explained. It means affection.
"jealous!": the word is said with much vigor to start a playful fight
(like a verbal spitball) e.g. "You're *jealous*!"

No longer 15: a "Quinceañera", I sent this to her on her 16th birthday

Subject: "You're still *Jealous*..!"

To: ex-Quinceañera

EVERYONE remembers MY birthday.

Who remembers yours?
All we got was some little punk that started beating up its uncle.

You're not even a Quinceañera anymore: Ha!

Spoiled Little Snot!:
I remember when she first learned it (at 5 or so): walking past me
with her nose in the air when she'd come to visit:
Spoiled Little Snot!
I should have told her mother (watching, telling her to say 'Hello' to me) 
"Oh, we know THAT one.."

The Spoiled Little Snot Club:
You'll find her with all her snotty little friends sitting around
a little table with their teacups and noses in the air.

(it's pronounced "spoilt rotten!")


p.s. (to her mother):
She's still beating me up!
And she just keeps getting bigger!
And I can't get her to stop!
I'm scared!
And they've just turned her loose on the roads!

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