All you women are screwed-up

My mother is once divorced.
In 1980, I called my sister to tell her I was about to get married.
My mother was there in the kitchen as I told Claire: "to my first wife".
Claire told my mother this and said she fell off the chair.
Then I got Aunt Marjorie (visiting from England) on the line telling
me to hold on for the "big talk".  Why's she butting into this?
All you women are screwed-up.

Here's another one for you women out there:
"What is infidelity?"
Can't answer it, can you?

I'll tell you "what it is".
It's some kinda "thought control" or something.
It's not "who's in your beds", it's "who's in your heads".

Anyway, it's some kinda "Screwed-Up Women's Union" or something..
I haven't figured it all out yet.

A light bulb burns out, you screw in a new one.
Maybe you donít like the one thatís already in there.
Maybe youíve got a huge box of different bulbs youíd like to try out.
See what happens. 

Maybe one blows up in your face. 

Maybe it blows your head off.
All you women are screwed-up.

But I'm "Inattentive", we never get around to it anyway..
And I've never been any good at calculating STandard Deviations.

"we never get around to it anyway"..
Why should I?
All you women are screwed-up.

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