"War of the Worlds" graphic: 
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"intriguing", eh?

To: "Mars Rover Enthusiasts"
Subject: Re: Life on Mars?

>I think it's great that the Mars Rovers have been so successful in their mission .. 
>there are some very intriguing things occurring on that planet ..

yeah? .. well I'm scared!

How would you like it if those Martians sent over a bunch 
of 'Rovers' that started banging and drilling on *your* house?

I don't want to get them all riled up again.
I know about Orson Welles' Halloween broadcast of "The War of the Worlds".
I thought we had learned our lesson.
You want to go through the whole thing again?
They've had 65 years to improve their technology.
This time we may not be so lucky.

I think they should be sending out those Rovers
to search for intelligent life on THIS planet.


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