Awards: 3880 awarded "Best Product of the Year" (1977 Disco Forum)
(first product design at GLI)

BSEE Univ. of Missouri at Columbia, 1972

General RadioTelephone Operator License (General RadioTelephone Certificate)
Data Acquisition Systems: National Instruments & LabWindows

Computer languages: (Turbo) C, Fortran77, 8086 Machine & (Turbo)Assembler. DSL (Dynamic Simulation Language), Basic, (Turbo)Pascal.

Computer configurations: Pentium, 486, 386, 286 Microprocessors: 8086 & 6800

Foothill/DeAnza College (3.7 GPA) (1988-90) Software and microprocessor coursework.

DOS Win3.x Win9x/ Internet. PC configuration compatibility and hardware price/performance issues, speed margining, performance enhancement, system optimisation. Win9x Macro programming (QuicKeys mgSimplify AutoIt VBScripting). Graphics. Word97.

MAXTOR: San Jose, CA June 1990 to July 1993 Consultant
Assembly of various computer configurations (286, 386, 486) using National Instruments GPIB and Data Acquisition boards and interfaces and software development--LabWindows ("C"-programs). SW and HW design, development & documentation of an automated voice coil magnet-testing system. And spindle motor current data-logging system using NI GPIB interface with Tek 2432A DSO and LabWindows. Also: design of a stable 3-Phase power measurement system and spindle motor torque-angle/axial-force tester.
>Fall '93: Maxtor's R&D engineering operation eliminated.

SEAGATE Motor Group: Scotts Valley, CA
June 1984 to Sept. 1987: Senior Advisory Engineer.
Designed/built several computerized step-accuracy testers with BCD interface (including software in Basic), Torque-Angle tester, torque-speed (friction & damping tester), & various specialized drives & a custom phase plane system. Knowledge of: Nicolet scopes & Vibrac systems including the 1040 algorithm development system. Analysis of various stepper failure mechanisms. Stepper testing: Jm, Lm, & Mutual Inductance. And drive v-i characteristics, for use in UNH model (below). Adaptation of Univ. of N. H. phase plane package to Seagate's VAX system using Fortran77. Development of a model using DSL on an IBM 370. Use of model to identify stepper sensitivities & failure boundaries.

QUME Corp. San Jose, Ca. Nov 1981 to June 1984:
Analysis of encoder LED regulation circuitry to recommend circuit modification to improve regulation. Encoder LED junction temperature studies. Solenoid and driver circuit design (ULN 2001) for ribbon lift. Phase plane and math modeling of stepmotors and adaptation of the UNH phase plane software package to Qume's VAX system using Unix & Fortran 77. Pull-out torque curve analyses of sampled vendor stepmotors using different L/nR ratios for the paper feed drive circuit & redesign for altering step count per line feed and power improvements. Design of bilevel voltage drive for carriage stepper.
Promoted Dec. 1982, for work on UNH model.
>Joined Seagate June 1984 with a 20% salary increase.

GLI-VSC-Integrated Sound Systems (Queens) New York (March 1975 to Nov 1979)
Developed an assembly process for 3800's (best seller mixer), to reduce assembly time from 12 hrs to 4 hrs (flowchart including time studies and subassembly operations available on request). Then worked closely with the president to expand GLI's electronics product line-3880, 3990, (mixer-preamps) and 1000 (1010) signal processor.

3880 awarded "Best Product of the Year" (1977 Disco Forum)

Product Development and Audio Design Experience:
Low noise design. Mixers, filters, differential preamps etc. Hum bucking RIAA preamp design. RC (e.g. RIAA) network analysis (TI-59) programs for resistor and capacitor tolerances. IC power amps & heatsinking. Regulated (7800 & 7900 type, worstcase analyses) power supply design and integration of transformer with associated magnetic "humfield" into P.C. layout using low loop area 'twisted wire' techniques—no shielded wire "all components (switches, RCA connectors etc.) on board" concept for high volume manufacturability. Ground debugging. EMI suppression techniques.
Sourcing & second-sourcing of: Op Amps, voltage regulators, capacitors, etc., P.C. mount components: jacks, connectors, PCB: switch (SGS, CRL, Schadow) and pot (CTS, AB, Bournes) constructions (and mechanical interface with front panel) and reliable cost effective mass-termination interconnect systems.
Supervision of board layout to minimize interactions. PCB layout and artwork generation experience. Documentation. Tools.
Horn (Hypex, conical, composite--multiflare & multisection, etc.) design, using
Thiele-Small driver parameters, phase plugs and plane curves.
>Joined Qume Nov 1981, doubling my previous salary at GLI.

KDNA-FM, St. Louis, Missouri (1971-73): Radio Engineer (First Class FCC License)
Responsible for studio and transmitter maintenance and repair. Set up remotes, maintained telephone interfaces, built a news production facility, & worked airshifts.
>In ‘73 the frequency was sold to another owner.