I *did* (finally on 6/4/08) find my request for Counsel in the medical records. In Dr. Zumarraga's handwritten notes that say: "5/26/07 ... 1600[hrs] Addendum - Wants for lawyer to review consent for medication form prior to signing it." (then her initials).  But it never happened.  I had to take the medication that would make me more compliant to sign the forms I never wished to without the benefit of Counsel.  It's called "diminished capacity".  And I would *never* have signed anything whatever in such a place knowing what I now do.  Lesson: never sign anything without fully reading and understanding it.  And especially in this case, without benefit of a lawyer to protect your interests.  A lawyer that you know personally and that you trust.  Because if they can't get you to sign it, a na´ve and uninformed loved one will suffice.  And sign anything put in front of them.  Quickly and "without question", "in order to get you out"Not having been told that your loved one (or you) have just "signed yourself in".  At $3000/daty.  Indeed,  my wishes to stay at a motel instead are in the records also.  And totally ignored.  Indeed, I'm grateful to Motel 6 for finally solving my problem a half-year later.  And not locking me inside trying to convince me there were all these things wrong with me and fearful to ask for my records that only made me feel worse and billing me $32,000 for it.  Gosh, Motel 6 even let me have a telephone in my room to help me solve it.  All this and they only charged me $60.  Without changing my legal atatus or defaming me in any way whatever.  Where I saw poor decent honest hard working people staying the night.  And never paid the $3000 they were far more deserving of.  For all the hard work they did that day.