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We sold our old one www.greybears.org

along with all our Senior volunteers to the U.S. Treasury Dept.

"we turn cash into trash"

On-Site Cash Composting Using Large Industrial Composting Units 

California Graybears "Cash into Trash" Project

Graybears uses cash-composting Earth Tubs to get the job done.  These commercial sized Industrial mulchers are the only known solution to the problem.  It's been estimated that worldwide the volume still left to do could fill several oil tankers.


Cash Program:

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Who are the Graybears?

Graybears, founded in 1973, is a grassroots, nonprofit organization of seniors over 55.  Graybears is best known for its development and implementation of its "Cash into Trash" (pat. pend.) Program.

Any person, 55 years and older, is eligible for general membership.  Volunteers are welcomed, and because the Graybears vision combines imagination with practicality, individuals with varying backgrounds and talents are serving the senior community and having fun doing so.

The social aspects of community, the feeling of being needed and contributing, the improvement of self-confidence and self-worth are immeasurable byproducts of our new and revolutionary program.  In these increasingly complex times, our new and exclusive "Cash Trashing"™ system brings benefits not only to the individual but to society as a whole.

By maximizing both the material and human potential of our senior population, we not only address solving the problem of recycling but in addition have finally found a solution to an intractable age-old problem.  Our program takes on even greater importance by providing opportunities for involvement and activity for ALL of our seniors.  Many of whom have come to feel trapped, helpless and alone by all that excess cash they have accumulated over the years.  Since there are no laws to prevent it, neighbors frequently complain about the hazards created by homes and backyards overflowing with this growing and perpetual unrelenting toxic and noxious threat.  We here at Graybears are deeply concerned by the plight of our seniors buried in these squalid and deplorable conditions.  Please call us immediately for a free estimate if you or a loved one need our help.  We are fully prepared to send out our crack team of senior volunteers with shovels and huge compacting garbage trucks to dig you out and free you or your loved ones from this overwhelming burden.

Please don't delay.  Call us today.  Before it's too late.  You and your neighbors will be glad you did.


  Demand is rapidly escalating

Our resources are limited and rapidly being depleted.
Act now!  Before we are completely overwhelmed.

Our senior volunteers are thoroughly exhausted and at their breaking points.
Book now! while appointments are still available.

Lynda Francis,
Executive Director


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"Turn all that cash into something useful that we can ALL benefit from", Lynda said in an interview.  "We have a big job ahead of us..",  she continued,  "..our goal is to completely rid the planet of this unbridled burgeoning root of all evil once and for all!"



"This was absolutely the funniest spoof I have ever seen.  Congratulations!" (Lynda)

This is my Tribute to a very special Friend and my favorite reviewer.  Whose laughter, encouragement and support helped break my lifelong writer's block.

And friends are friends forever and ever -- no matter what..
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