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 where we can't even beat them off with a stick: Hit Counter sold.

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Our old table where we used to meet got sold to some big greeting card company.

(Moderator's note: We began as an in-person get-together group that met in a pizza restaurant in San Francisco.  Later, the restaurant gave our group's customary table to somebody else, so we went online at another table on a listserver.  Again, our customary table there was just given to someone else.  So we're all hiding out here now.  Until someone rats us all out again or we all get sold-out and Shanghaied again.  Or maybe they were just getting nervous or something.  What're they worried about anyway?  I don't know why anyone doesn't have a sense of humor anymore.  What's their problem?)


  Remembering Mike Bass  

Geoffrey's personal Tribute


 A sad day in Laughtown

Michael Bass: 1733-2004

He was a saint and inspiration to us all:

I remember when he first met me a week ago that inspired his brilliant and uncomparable "Mixed Nuts" masterpiece.  And sent me hoping I might like it.  I will always cherish it.

"Uncle Mike" as I liked to call him is survived by his 2 adoring sons: Bob Hope and Pat Paulsen.  He will be placed into orbit in a private ceremony from the Whispering Glades launch site.  Where he will join Jonathan Winters who pioneered the idea originally.

But at UCF, it was always "Dr. Mike", as he was affectionately known to his students:
as he worked diligently and hard long into each night over the years at the research labs at UCF attempting to create the ultimate joke.

Sadly, he finally did.

It is presently being held cryogenically in a sealed P3 biohazard containment facility at a secret government location as they try to figure out what to do with it.

His limericks reminded me so much of J. David Williams Ph.D. who used to head our National Council on Stuttering back in the 80's.  His wife once told me about how much she really appreciated his stuttering during his vows at the wedding because it meant he was taking the whole thing seriously.

"Laughtown will never be the same" commented one teary-eyed member.

"Who can replace him?" asked another.