Geoffrey Mangers

Telephone: (408) 978-3149

My Resumé


BSEE Univ. of Missouri at Columbia, 1972

Awards: 3880 awarded "Best Product of the Year" (1977 Disco Forum)
(my first product design at GLI) 

General RadioTelephone Operator License (General RadioTelephone Certificate)
Data Acquisition Systems: National Instruments & LabWindows

BSEE, Stepmotors (drivers & phase plane math modeling)
Audio, Op-Amps, noise reduction, Product Development
ATE Systems Design (National Instruments) x86 & Pentium configurations
Software: LabWindows, C, Basic, Assembly, Fortran, DSL, Pascal
OS: UNIX, DOS, Win3.1, Win95/98/XP; GPIB & Printer coding.  µP's 8086 & 6800.  
Horn design (Hypex, composite etc.), phase plugs, Thiele-Small parameters

PC configuration compatibility and hardware price/performance issues, 
speed margining, performance enhancement, system optimisation.

Win9x Macro programming (QuicKeys mgSimplify AutoIt VBScripting).  Graphics.  Word97.

Flowchart - 3800 Assembly (4 hrs)

3880_3990 1010

3880 Schematic Diagram

3990 Block Diagram & Cue Matrix Functions

3990 Power Supply

3990 Schematic Diagram

3-Phase Power Test Ckt

Magnet Constant Tester - LaserJet Printout


Raju test 'sigma' std dev calc.C