In the meantime we're all huddled up here.  Trying to get through to General Lee.  And our transmitter back.  We'll update you on the story so far.  

Andrea somehow slipped up and made him a member.  We don't know who he is or what the hell's going on.  Our West Coast undercover operative just intercepted this one for us: "you figure it out.." she told us.

To: Penned-Up Southern Writers
Subject: Anyone know a safe route into Tryon?


"looks kinda cute, doesn't he?"

"Think so?" she whispered to us on the phone, "..ask Barbara what this little termite is capable of.." as she clued us all for what to expect.  We've already circled the wagons around Tryon.  "Keep an eye out for a blue '81 Honda Civic.."  we saw on the back of the picture she sent us indicating he might be trailing something like this:

She said he plans these things carefully then moves like Sherman.  Fortunately, some dumb multi-$billion/year corporation just stumbled into his gunsights (we also just found out he's a budding investigative journalist and easily distracted by a story).  It could still take over a year.  The last one was 3 years which he's capping off now. 

But you never know.  He might finish it in just a few months.  It could happen at any time.  She warned us not to take any chances.  General Lee's calling in all his reinforcements.  And they're pulling up the heavy artillery now.  Don't worry, we'll have our website back soon. 

"Stay tuned.."

In the meantime keep an eye on all those roads leading into Tryon.

"Remember what he looks like" she told us as she hurriedly hung up the phone telling us someone just blew her cover.

"we don't know who he is or what his problem is"

The Wearied Writers of Asheville is a spoof inspired by a "post-it" note attached to a membership card that Andrea may well live to regret (remember what happened in Laughtown):


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